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Commission Work Pricing

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   This is always awkward, especially with friends, talking about money. You might find out that your new friend is an architect, and you ask him, "How much would you charge me to build a house?" There are a lot of variables, isn't there? What size, what luxury items, the land, the builder's background, etc. It is no different with an artist. All I can do try my best to explain who I am, what different medias price as, and how willing I am to do the project. Of each commissioned piece, I consider what I am occupied doing, how busy I am and whether I feel I can beauty to your world. I recommend speaking directly, if you are serious. Use the "contact" page on this site. So, here goes...

• National Award-Winning Artist

• Master Painter and Educator

• Classically Trained in the manner of Rembrandt

• Mentored by Frank Covino, to teach his methods.

Portrait and Fine Art

Billy Graham 300 dpi.jpg
Aubrey drawing.jpg
Amy drawing Full.jpg

Black and White


Starting at



High grade chalk

Starting at


MomNdaughter 2.jpg


High grade paint

Starting at


Standard Oil

Tony Goodwin - Rembrandt Self Portrait - Oil - 16 x 20_edited.jpg

Highest grade oil

Starting at


Debbie (sm).jpg

   All of the above pricing is based on a single individual, starting at the size 14" x 17" in pencil and pastel, 16" x 20" in paint. The price increases a little with larger sized image areas, about 60% more for each additional person. This is merely an estimate.

   After our discussion of your goals, you will receive a written agreement to approve before my request for a deposit. Once I receive a deposit and agreement signed, I begin the project. Because I purchase materials, design the project, the deposit is non-refundable but applies to the final price. Some financing is available, if needed.

Classical Oil

Highest Quality

Starting at


This is the highest quality in oil portraiture. There are only a few that use the Old Master's approach to portraiture, designed to last  for 500+ years.

Our understanding...

Indoor & Outdoor Murals

Prices vary, based on the condition of space to be painted on, whether it's a logo or simple lettering, comic or caricature, or a realistic capturing. I charge per square feet of the image area. Starting at $25.00 per square feet. Please, contact me for pricing.

Dance Floor Mural 1.jpg
Dance Floor Mural 2.jpg
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